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Don’t let your developers fit into the stereotyped learning methods, engage them and kindle their coding interests through a gamified experience. Transform the way developers approach their hands-on practice exercises, and assessments and offer them a competitive and fun-filled learning environment.

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Engagingly Upskill your
Gen Z Developers

Want your Gen Z developers to witness an active and all-engaging learning experience? Then, Gamification is your solution! The complexities in learning modules are constantly on the rise and it’s pivotal to keep the Gen Z developers glued to the learning cycle. With greater traction towards shortcut learning methods and instant execution, it’s arduous to capture the attention of Gen Z developers and completely engage them in their objectives.

Sounds like a task cut out?

Definitely not! neoCoder’s Gamification capability, unlike the conventional learning practices,would spark interest amongst the Gen Z developers and urge them to go for more. Stacked up with diverse intriguing features like an engaging leaderboard, badges, and super badges – Gamification is the new normal of learning!

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Gamification – The Defining Features

There are a couple of wow factors that elevate gamification into a widely adopted learning technique in today’s fast-paced learning environment. Here’s a glimpse of those.


Rule-based Gamification Engine

Signing up for a module and active participation are two entirely different concepts. Developers today tend to quickly jump onto the courses but eventually lose their interest as the module progresses. neoCoder’s learning modus operandi has replicated the gaming world framework – wheredevelopers can’t just skip through hands-on practice exercises and complete the course. Rather they have to actively participate and contribute to each module to unlock the next and eventually go on to finish the course.

Badges and Super Badges

Incremental rewards can transform the developers’ journey into a more fun and exciting phase. For each active participation, the developers will be rewarded with badges based on the set rules and on successful completion of modules they will earn their super badges. These badges and super badges contribute to the engaging leaderboard. When you look beyond the lines of gamification, these badges and super badges greatly aid in measuring the effectiveness of the developers’ participation and create greater scope for collaborative learning.


Engaging Leaderboard

A gaming world devoid of leaderboards? Only an illusion. So, have we incorporated the concept of “Engaging Leaderboards” in neoCoder to devise a completely competitive learning environment. Based on the badges, super badges, and a few other data parameters, the leaderboard credits the developers with points and ranks them in line with their accomplishments. This is a healthy way of influencing peers to compete against one another in a friendly way alongside staying on top of their learning game.

Promising an Augmented Learning Experience

  • Enhanced Participation
  • Intriguing Learning Experience
  • Collaborative Learning Space
  • Healthy Competition Among Peers
  • Motivated Learning Strategies
  • Positive impact on Learning

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The Gamification Difference

  • 87% of developers believe Gamification makes learning productive
  • 80% of trainers believe game-based learning is more engaging
  • 61% of employees today have received gamified training
  • 39% of users believe non-gamified training is less productive

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