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Why settle to be any coder? When you can be the neoCoder!
Free Hands-on project based technical workshops ​to ace your skill-set at in-demand technologies and to feed the geek in you!​

About the Program​​

With the need for technology growing fast all over the world in every single industry, there’s one other need that’s growing even faster. The need for Skilled Tech persons! And that’s exactly what ”neoCoder techXplained” accompolishes! We seek for passionate candidates who are grinding hard for their break-through in tech industry, and bestow the skills they require and pave their way towards the tech career they deserve. ​

We master the things that we love to do, while doing, more than watching & learning combined, in line with that all the workshops are of Hands-on approach. Lacking funds should never be an obstacle for anyone to start their dream career, and that’s exactly why the neoCoder techXplained’s workshops are absolutely FREE!
The zero-cost hands-on technical workshops will be handled by the in-house industry tech experts of

Edition 1 Info​

Workshop Title
Get Gamified with HTML, CSS and JS
3rd February 2022
6 – 7:30 PM, IST
Participants will be enlightened about these technologies and will be incorporating their skills on a gamified real-time project​

Trainer Profile

Venkatesh S
Principal Tech

Work Experience 12 years

I have been mastering the EdTech environment for more than a decade. As a Senior Technical Instructor, I have ample experience in areas like Technical Training, Application Development, Content Development, and Instructional Design. As an upskilling professional and training head, I have developed more than 40+ Software courses and involve novelties in my coaching style. I haven’t just trained working professionals but have been able to identify Training Needs through Training Need Analysis (TNA) and designing Assessments. Have delivered intense corporate training in Payoda, Thoughtworks, Cognizant, Infonet (UAE), and WireDelta.

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Why should you attend this workshop?​

  • To set yourself apart in this crowded industry and learn the in-demand technology, in-depth
  • To strengthen your skills at HTML, CSS, JS
  • To learn the concepts through hands-on and a gamified approach
  • To develop a complete gamified project all by your own

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3rd Feb ’22 – 6 PM, IST​