AI Powered Remote Proctoring Solution ​

Automate the entire training assessment with our AI-powered proctoring solution, which includes multiple levels of authentication and fraud detection to ensure the integrity of assessment conducted.​

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Why Remote Proctoring

Invigilating training assessments from any location to crackdown on all sorts of aberrant behaviour and cheating instances.

Maintaining the standard of the training assessments following a strict framework.

AI Powered Remote Proctoring Solution ​

Proctoring Capabilities​

Face Recognition – Candidates authorized image is compared with a live image captured to eliminate impersonation.​

Detect Test Taker’s surrounding – Connection of any secondary device will be identified and restrict the candidate to take up the assessment.​

Movement detection – Candidates’ pictures are captured at pre-defined intervals to monitor suspicious movements, human intervention near or across the screen other than the test-taking candidate.​

Noise Detection – Captures the background audio of the test taker throughout the assessment to detect unusual sound interruption.​

Other System-level Security Features​

  • Restrict the test takers from navigating between questions and sections.​
  • Restrict candidates from switching tabs.​
  • Preventing candidates from copy/paste answers from external sources.​
AI Powered Remote Proctoring Solution ​
AI Powered Remote Proctoring Solution ​

Intervene using our Live Proctoring

With real-time intervening capabilities, you can deter unwanted actions during assessments. Trainers/Proctors can initiate a one-on-one conversation with test takers, Connect on a video call with the candidates and assess through live screen sharing.​

Comprehensive Confidence Meter​

​Monitor and track your candidate’s participation during assessment using our live monitoring feed.​

Calibrate each candidate’s performance by providing them with a Confidence Percentage reflecting on the extent of the malpractice undergone.​

Regulate your Training assessment with neocoder’s AI Powered remote proctoring solution​

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