Reports and Dashboards ​

​Gain valuable insights from our suite of standard reports and keep track of learner’s progress using our dashboard helping in analyzing their participation and performance.​

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Reports and Dashboards ​

Interactive Live Dashboard ​

Live Monitor learners’ attendance, performance & code-analysis across platform for live intervention and relevant feedback​

  • Get live attendance of each learner based on their current progress​
  • Get eagle-eyes view of all your learners and access to their live individual report.​
  • View live code-analysis of each learner and get code-wise insight on test-case passed, compiles and time spent ​
  • Live Monitor learners attendance, performance & code-analysis across platform for live intervention and relevant feedback​

Our Reliable Clients ​

Turning insights into actions.​
Here are some of the corporates whom we operate with

Boosting Learner's success with our Live Reports​

  • Learners are most likely to perform better when nudged on right time.
  • Get exercise-wise,& course-wise insights of each learner, extensively analyze their overall performance, and provide helpful feedback to improvise their learning.​
  • Track your learner’s growth in different aspects over time to ensure they are on pace to meet their objectives.
Reports and Dashboards ​
Reports and Dashboards ​

Dashboards ​

  • Our dashboard gives you an aerial perspective on learner’s performance individually and ensures the training progress is effective.​
  • Get course-wise, test-wise and learner-wise and time-wise graphical analysis of each learner’s accomplishments.


  • Use our elite reports to better your learner’s skills and analyze accomplishments during the training period.​
  • Get course-wise, student-wise reports, test-wise analytics of each learner. ​
  • Communicating in-depth analysis of learner’s execution during the training process in a clear and compelling manner.​
  • Utilise all the reports for pre and post training comparison for optimized learning
Reports and Dashboards ​
Reports and Dashboards ​

Create custom Reports & dashboard​

Our customizable power BI integrated Reports act as a powerful tool to monitor learner’s performance with real time analysis, accessible anytime and help you in understanding the learners focus area.​

Providing Feedbacks to learners through our visual reports helps in timely communication and guidance, provided assist in improving their performance in individual topics and across the training program.​

Delve deeper into learner’s data with intuitive and customizable reports leading to insightful training.​

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