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Instill a collaborative learning environment through dedicated git repositories that enable developers to break out of the siloed training approach and work in unison. Stimulate an engaging learning space that drives constant interaction with the teams and tandemly helps you structure a corporate-like training framework with ease.

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Streamline your developers’ learning graph through Collaborative Learning

It’s time to look beyond the conventional online training methodologies! Let not siloed training practices refrain your developers from travelling the extra mile. Deliver exceptional results by breaking out of the ordinary and fostering a cohesive learning abode.

neoCoder enables you to replicate a corporate-like training framework for your developers to ease the transition from a trainee to an industry-ready techie. Our platform facilitates pod-based hands-on training practices for better engagement and a complete coder-centric experience.

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Collaborative Learning – What it Offers?

Collaborative learning is way more than just a team-based learning environment. It offers a plethora of benefits that redefine the developers’ learning journey and offers you complete control over their learning paths. Envisioning the significance of this, neoCoder’s platform is built keeping in mind the need for a sustainable and all-inclusive upskilling platform with feature-rich capabilities.


Coherent Teams & Task Allocation

Through the concept of team-based training experience, we reiterate the need to work and code as a team and not just in silos. Our platform enables collaboration by forming Pods (teams). You can categorize the team structure into two – Strict Teams and Lenient Teams.

Strict teams are those where the admin/mentor can form a team of developers based on diverse parameters and lenient teams are those where developers can themselves group as a team. This transition from course-based learning to collaborative learning will aid the developers accustomed to the corporate-adhered project management methodologies (Agile, Waterfall, and others).

  • Task-specific / Role-Based learning
  • No module-wise courses
  • Holistic Learning Experience

Team Collaboration through Git

A collaborative learning environment demands hassle-free team management to ensure absolute visibility of the developers learning journey. neoCoder offers this via Git integration. Through this, the teams get dedicated git repositories to manage their projects efficiently without any operational hiccups. Furthermore, our platform also eliminates the need for any disconnect when it comes to a real-world coding environment – by enabling hands-on practices in the industry-wide adopted tools and technologies.

  • Effective Code Management
  • Environment-centric Learning
  • Real-world Collaboration

Hassle-free Team Management

Get a holistic view of your developers’ learning path and effectively manage your teams with neoCoder. Our platform’s built-in capabilities enable mentors to have complete access to all critical information, not limited to team structure, Github usernames, user stories allocated, member activities, and their specific contributions to the project. Wondering how to efficiently manage your teams and get better results? No worries, our platform lets you do this hassle-free with our collaborative-driven learning workflow.

  • Effective Team Management
  • Structured Team Collaboration
  • Detailed Insights

Enabling Constant Interaction with Teams

Let developers always stay connected with the mentors/educators through a SLACK-like collaboration tool. The inbuilt communication tool also referred to as the Engagement App, facilitates developers to create groups within themselves and share files and information with their peers and mentors effortlessly. This feature also comes in handy for developers to send email notifications for continuous reminders and communication.

  • Easy Connect to Mentors/SMEs
  • Quick Query Resolutions

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