Compiler Auto-Code Evaluation Engine

Let your developers use their fullest cognitive potential in our integrated development environment and practice programming instead of watching video tutorials.
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I/O Based Evaluation​

Auto-Evaluation scores based on Logical Correctness of the Code. Big O notation based Time & Space Complexity calculator.

Multi-file Support​

For OOPS or various data processing coding exercises, there is a need for multiple file.​

Connecting to DB and DB support​

Hands-on exercise on ODBC or connecting any language to DB. Support for various DBs like Oracle, mySQL, MongoDB and other standard DBs used for development

Code Plagiarism Checker​

Through MOSS Algorithm our Code Plagiarism checker creates a matrix and identifies the code match and identify the individuals with similar code​

360-Degree Learning Experience

Practice as you learn with interactive courses, your team members can test-drive new skills with hands-on coding challenges and guided feedback. Our adaptive learning engine ensures that your employees get a customized learning path tailored to their roles.

Code Visualization​

Leaners can make use of the Debugger tool to visualize the code and understand better​

Practice Like a Pro Programmer

In this agile era, hands-on training is the best way to practice coding in an unrestricted atmosphere. Get to work on real-time projects and capstone projects instead of just watching video tutorials.

Accelerate your upskilling program with NeoCoder

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