Unleash the power of AI, DS, and ML with Cloud-based RStudio and Jupyter notebook Sandboxes

Promise your developers the best of DS, AI, and ML project experience through our powerful cloud-based IDEs – RStudio and Jupyter notebook. Our boilerplate project templates and customizable tech stack capabilities offer developers a real-world coding environment.

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DS, AI, ML Environment

Dedicated Cloud-based IDEs for Data Projects

neoCoder’s feature-rich, powerful, and in-built cloud-based IDEs offer your developers a real-world coding experience with a multitude of capabilities that are not limited to dedicated sandbox environments, project-based boiler-plate templates, right plugins/packages, customization and auto evaluation. neoCoder’s cloud-based IDE capabilities extend beyond the Full Stack project environment and offer developers the scope to unleash the power of DS, AI, and ML.

Wondering How? We have incorporated dedicated cloud-based IDEs – RStudio and Jupyter Notebook into our platform to host diverse data science projects.

Jupyter Notebooks IDE

Empower your developers to innovate better with data science-related capstone projects. With data science workflows becoming a pivotal part of the new-age technology projects, we offer developers a similar experience within our platform through cloud-based environments– in the best way possible. We have incorporated Jupyter notebooks (the open-source web application) in neoCoder to give them hands-on experience in all kinds of data science and AI/MLprojects.

DS, AI, ML Environment
DS, AI, ML Environment

RStudio IDE

Let your developers dive deep into a world of data science, scientific research, statistical computing and several other intriguing learning areas with built-in cloud-based RStudio IDE. Powered by a wide array of capabilities that includes a customizable workbench, syntax-highlighting editor, code execution from source editor, and other robust tools – neoCoder has completely packed the powerful cloud-based IDE ecosystem to aid your developers to explore the R and Python programming languages.

Customizable Machine Power

neoCoder lets you set up specific environments for your data science projects. As each project’s storage and memory requirements vary from one another – it’s integral that your platform offers scope for machine power customization. And, neoCoder lets you do this with ease. Our platform doesn’t behave like the other conventional learning platforms, wherein your developers can work only in predefined environments.

neoCoder offers you the much-needed upper hand in the form of “Flexibility and Scalability”. This core capability of ours will enable you to easily scale up and scale down the storage and memory size based on the diverse project requirements.

  • Effortlessly set up environments for DS, ML, and AI projects with large data sets – customize machine power and storage based on your project requirements.
  • Ability to tailor the environment for projects of all sizes – ranging from small to large data sizes.
  • neoCoder’s browser-based project environment (docker instance) enables developers to break free from the laptop’s configuration limitations and create their own coding world
DS, AI, ML Environment
DS, AI, ML Environment

Learning and Development – In Unison

neoCoder resolves the underlying issue in the conventional learning platforms – by bringing together both the learning and development environments for an unparalleled learning experience. Our powerful IDEs incorporated within the platform will help your developers code -right from the word go. Our platform’s feature-rich capabilities will lay your developers the foundation for a hassle-free learning experience.

Effective Sandbox Environment

Let not your developers spend their productive time on setting up and configuring dedicated development environments. The in-built sandbox environment will aid you to reduce the onboarding time by pre-configuring the initial setup to quickly get started with the development phase. Your developers can leverage the sandbox environment to perform hands-on training from anywhere through a web browser.

DS, AI, ML Environment
DS, AI, ML Environment

Pre-configured Project Templates

Are you developers still coding from scratch? It’s high time they switch to boilerplate project templates and understand the significance of code reusability. You can create diverse project-based boilerplate templates and aid your developers in focusing on the program logic and technicalities rather than the syntax and code structure.

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