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"Enabling 10,000 under-represented Graduates from Tamil Nadu."

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority,
it is time to reform (or pause and reflect).

Mark Twain

Why is this reforming necessary?

Education is the only solution to elevate the social and economic inequalities prevailing in the marginalised sections of our society. When we invest in economically challenged and under-privileged meritorious youth, we not only help that particular individual, but their whole family. Thus, eventually uplifting our entire nation!

And in the current era, Coding has emerged as the number-one in-demand in demand skill, and it is arguably one of the most important skills for current as well as future generations to learn. And that’s what neoCoder’s TN Mission 10k is all about!

The WHOs, WHATs, WHYs & HOWs


1. Government School Student
2. 1st Generation Graduates
3. Person with Disabilities
4. Candidates from Rural/ Tribal Background
5. Women Graduates
6. Graduates without any Family Support


1. One of the goals of “Tamil Nadu’s Industrial Policy 2021” is to create 20 Lakh employment opportunity by 2025

2. Tamil Nadu is about to set up “Mini Tidel/ IT Parks” in Tier 2 & 3 Towns, to spread out the IT Sector which is dependent on Chennai & Coimbatore

3. "TCS, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, HCL plan to hire 1.1k freshers in FY22.  This is considering only the top five companies."


Tamil Nadu has the highest number of technical universities in the country, with more than 3 million students pursuing any particular degree.​

But, only 25% under-represented women and socially backward students, graduate every year

How enabling under-represented​ graduates helps?​

Developing under-represented graduate increases the job-ready population in Tier 2 & 3 towns, since majority are from those regions. Thus, taking a lead from IT firm ZOHO's experience, many other firms will also seek the creation of IT parks in hinterland.​

How Tamil Nadu can regain​ its status as the IT Capital of India?​

Approach to Regain​

Need for Full Stack Developers​

All industries, from start-ups to MNCs in businesses, are on the look-out for full-stack developers.​

Lack of job-ready force​

Though the world is marking an increase in professionals, many lack skills and expertise of a mid-level executive or a team leader and developer​

Upskilling for Brighter Prospects​

Student needs deep-skilling in emerging technological streams for career stability. Since institutional education lacks the wherewithal for the same, learners have taken a liking to online learning.​


How TN Govt. can support this Initiative?

Identifying the Right Candidates​

01. TNSDC can support in using their network for identifying the right candidates​

02. Anna University and TN Govt. can support in identifying the under-represented candidates​

03. Promotion and PR of TN Mission10K for Institution partners and Corporates to join​

Identifying Corporate Partner for Placements​

01. Support in identifying corporate partners for job placement of these candidates in various Tier II and Tier III cities​

02. TIDCO & ELCOT Support in reaching out to TIDEL park IT/ ITeS companies​

How can Universities/ Colleges get benefited?

Maximize Placements​

Since this is an exclusive program for under represented candidates, the tailor-made skill development program will work towards getting them recruitment by top ITeS companies​

Industry Readiness Training​

The candidate will undergo SCRUM based Training, following similar industry practices of Agile teams. Thus, under-represented candidates will have higher chances to get placed​

No Financial ​Commitments​

Since the training program is sponsored by Corporates, there are no charges for colleges and students

Committed Corporate Partners​ shall work with committed Corporate partners to screen & evaluate the candidates. Colleges can use this as another channel to place their candidates.​

Unique Opportunity for​ MCA & ME Graduates​

With growing decline in interest by students for Master Degree courses. This program can encourage MCA and ME Graduates to get upskilled and can be a gateway for getting recruited for Top ITeS companies​

How can Corporates get benefited?

Day 1 Deployable

The candidate will undergo training in our SCRUM based Training Methodologies following similar industry practices of Agile teams. It also involves communication, collaboration, Hands-on Learning

Diversity Hiring​

Since Women and various under-represented candidates will be trained as part of the program, the candidates will be able to meet your diversity hiring goals​

Team at Satellite Offices​

Since majority of candidate might come from Tier II & Tier III cities, it can be a good hiring pipelines for the satellite office that are being planned by Corporates

High Candidate Retention Rate​

The candidates will be on a service agreement with a commitment to work for 3 years, with a pre-agreed salary commitment in the placed organization. The salary that can be pre-committed is 4 LPA, with 20% to 25% increment YoY based on performance. shall also commit to replacement of the candidate if they are not living up to the expectations based on the 1st evaluation period of 6 months


  • Institution Partners will be identified to reach out to the right candidates
  • Promotion and Registration of under-represented candidates
  • Screening:
      • Round 1 – Screening based on the Eligibility criteria of the program
      • Round 2 ​- Screening with Aptitude and Coding Assessment
      • Round 3 ​- Interview of the candidates
  • Finalising and orientation of the candidates
  • The eligible candidates go through a sponsored Bootcamp and the curriculum is based on industry’s best practices
  • Include technical and communication skills training as part of the Bootcamp
  • The entire Bootcamp will happen at scale online with our Hands-on Full Stack Labs for 10000 candidates
  • Create a learning environment for candidates similar to Corporate culture rather than Academic culture
  • Involve Industry experts to motivate and mentor the candidates
  • A large pool of Interested Corporate partners will be created
  • Corporate partners will interview and screen the candidates based on the hiring criteria
  • Corporate partners will offer jobs based on Industry standards
Can you help us in changing the lives of the under-represented graduates?

Then go ahead and be the change!

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