Tamil Selvi P ​
Senior Mentor​
Tamil Selvi P ​
Area of Expertise
  • Core Java​
  • JavaScript
  • Oracle
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • C
  • Data Structure
Short Description Reading Time: < 1 minute

I am a professional Full Stack Trainer with more than 4 years of experience, alongside being a technical training expert, content developer and a corporate trainer. I am adept with technologies such as Core Java, Hibernate & Spring Boot, Oracle, HTML, CSS & JavaScript, AngularJs, C and Data Structures. I believe in hands-on training more than making learners watch video tutorials. I have a firm belief in customizing the curriculum and making it as easy as possible for learners to understand the concepts clearly and experiment with the same while they become employees in a while and employers later. Be it mentoring learners as they learn, and guiding them during their career, I have done it all, and I am super happy about my deeds. Although being affiliated with mighty corporations, I have always kept my communication simple and effective towards learners. I am evolving along with my learners and their lineage toward technology and techniques.​

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