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The Best IT Companies in Chennai to Work in 2022 | Part 1

The Best IT Companies in Chennai to Work in 2022 | Part 1
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Young minds of India struggle with unemployment problem, especially when they come from a core background. But things have started to change as the quality of IT Companies in places like Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, have made youngsters to become tech masters. Eventually, a practical way to solve not just the world’s IT problems but also India’s employment problems. In this blog post, you’ll know about the best companies to work in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, for freshers in 2022. The list is not in any particular order and this is just the 1st part. 2nd part coming soon!

“India will be a global player in the Indian economy.” – Sundar Pichai, Google

#1 PayPal – The Powerhouse of Payments

If you’re interested in programming and want to become a software developer in Chennai, Paypal is a great place to begin your career. Especially, if you’re a self starter looking out for opportunities to connect with tech savvy people, Paypal is a brilliant start.

PayPal ranks 134 in Forbe’s 2021 Fortune 500. Being one of the enormous MNCs of the United States of America, the firm is based out of San Jose, California. It operates its huge portion of backend services and business from India. PayPal only has 3 offices in India – Mumbai and Bangalore development centers, and finally the Chennai office, an extremely location to carry out their electronic money transfer service without any problems.Term of a project may end early

Skills Required to Join PayPal:

For a developer, you have to be strong in neural network concepts and core statistical. Additionally, you need to be innovative and should be able to build and deploy AI models at scale. Furthermore, Paypal looks for deep learning algorithm and classical ML, plus a fair amount of knowledge in Python.

Reviews about PayPal:

Positive Reviews:

  1. Relaxed work environment
  2. Great place for a new grad
  3. Professional Growth

Negative Reviews

  1. A few employees complain about work-life balance
  2. Frequent reorganization become a hurdle to stay on strategy

#2 Tata Consultancy Services – Where Your Career is at Zero Risk

If you want to work in a quality environment and looking for job stability, TCS is the best place to work in Chennai. Particularly, fresh graduates can get a strong start at TCS, before planning to moving to product based companies in Chennai like Freshworks, Zoho Corporation, and Thoughtworks to name a few. You’ll get hands on experience with latest technologies while having a great learning experience.

TCS is all about combining business intelligence and tech expertise to articulate changes and produce results. Besides that they provide business consulting, outsourcing services, and infrastructure management. TCS has more than 5,50,000 employees working for them currently and more than 36% of them are women employees. TCS is considered as a global top employer for their workforce planning, talent strategy, on-boarding, performance management, learning and development, career and succession management, leadership development, company culture, compensation and benefits.

Skills required to join Tata Consultancy Services:

All they look before hiring freshers is a good aptitude, some basic technical knowledge, and good puzzle solving skills. As this Indian IT behemoth has a strong internal L&D, they skill up people according to the open positions in the branch.

Reviews about Tata Consultancy Services:

Positive Reviews

  1. Job Security
  2. Work/Life Balance is good.
  3. Supportive Management

Negative Reviews

  1. Salary Increment not in par with competitors
  2. Slowness in New Technology Adoption

#3 Wipro – Applying Thought Across Geographies

If you want to be challenged at work and at the same time have a stable work atmosphere, Wipro is the best place in Chennai for developers in 2022. Their mega partnerships with Cisco, EMC, Oracle, SAP, and Microsoft are their biggest strengths. Along with a huge potential in the domestic market, there is no stopping for this IT giant.

Wipro Limited is one of the leading global information technologies, business process services and consulting company. They channelize the power of hyper-automation, cognitive computing, cloud, analytics, and robotics to help its clients make a swift transition to the digital world. Wipro is known globally for its extensive portfolio of services, strong corporate citizenship, and eves more stronger commitment to sustainability. 

Skills required to join Wipro:

Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Computer Fundamentals, and Basic Programming are the skills freshers required to join Wipro. Also, problem solving skills along with knowledge of at least 2 subjects that was core in your graduate degree.

Review about Wipro:

Positive Reviews

  1. Skill Development on New Technologies
  2. Supporting Mentors
  3. Great Work Environment

Negative Reviews

  1. Random Project Allocation after Training
  2. Term of a Project Might End Early

#4 Infosys – The Next Gen IT Leader

If you want to work as a developer in Chennai, in a peaceful and serene setting, Infosys is the best place to work in Chennai. Many freshers usually start off with Infosys for practical IT training before switching to product companies. For nearly 4 months, fresh grads get world class training in a less stressful environment. Infosys provides the best learning environment for freshers in Chennai.

Operating in more than 50+ countries just like its competitors in the services space, Infosys is easily one amongst the top employers in India. It is all about 4 impressive decades of expertise in the management of the workings and systems of global enterprises. Infosys supports the client’s digital journey using whatever it takes, be it using AI and advanced platforms, technologies, and tools, Infosys has its own innovative ecosystem. While Innovation Knowledge Institute, Innovation Fund, and Infosys Innovation Network are its key strengths.

Skills required to join Infosys:

Infosys gives immense value to academic excellence and professional competence. Other than that, teamwork, analytical ability, communication skills, leadership skills, and the capability to innovate remains as the primary skills required to become a IT professional in Infosys. Developers will require good mathematical skills combined with learning concepts and application abilities.

Reviews about Infosys:

Positive Reviews:

  1. Great infrastructure and Work Environment
  2. Job Security
  3. Good Projects for Freshers

Negative Reviews:

  1. Competitive Work Environment
  2. Slow Process of Issues

#5 Accenture – The Futuristic Façade of Indian IT

A typical US based IT services company, a great place for freshers to set their career path. The management of Accenture is robust and ethical while their business practices are transparent. If you’re looking to stabilize your job in a good work-life balanced environment, you should prioritize Accenture. It gives plenty of growth opportunities to lookout in your field of expertise.

Accenture provides business strategy, technology consulting, systems integration, and outsourcing services. Accenture’s strength is its innovation and it is regard as one of the best places to work for innovators in 2022. From having an IT-ready infrastructure, sustainable metrics for long-term value, AI-powered automation, and intelligent operations, Accenture is accelerating in creating a positive environment throughout the world.

Skills required to join Accenture:

The basic set of skills are language skills, growth mindset, software and internet skills, positive attitude, teamwork, innovation skill, and decision-making ability. Eventually, their skills to success academy will train people in their interactive online training program. Accenture is always on the lookout for optimistic individuals. They would channelize them to complement their business growth and long-lasting value.

Reviews about Accenture:

Positive Reviews:

  1. Salary and Hike
  2. Employee-Friendly Atmosphere
  3. Good Diversity

Negative Reviews:

  1. Technical Growth more than Career Growth
  2. Scalability Issues of HRM

India is the dream IT hub that connects not just a few countries and continents but the whole world. To be part of Digital India, is more than a contribution and as much as a national service, to make India great again. Like the ancient India known for its architectural, cultural, and intellectual beauty, modern India is dependent on students and young graduate’s population. They are the biggest game changers for India, if India wants to start a new legacy before 2030. This decade is about upskilling and India needs its children to skill up as much as possible, to face the technologically evolving world.

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