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The Best IT Companies in Chennai to Work in 2022 | Part 2

The Best IT Companies in Chennai to Work in 2022 | Part 2
Reading Time: 6 minutes

Let’s get into the list straight away. Know how each company works, the dreams they share, and their prime focus once you choose your career path. Join a company that aligns with your career goals and have a knack for the latest technologies too.

#1 Cognizant – Engineering the World of IT Ecosystem

If you want to start your developer career in a stable environment and have a stress-free working environment and get expert training for various programming languages at the same time, Cognizant is the best place. One of the hopeful IT companies in India is helping India transform its programmers into digital assets of the nation.

Cognizant is a two-decade-year old master in Information Technology, enterprise applications, business consulting, and business process services. Being one of the most desirable IT companies in India, Cognizant aka CTS has a strong foothold in healthcare and financial services. They have designed a stable revenue stream and have discovered the brilliant strategy of reinvesting to grow their consulting business. They are slowly gaining their prowess in the European market and Cognizant is outplaying its competitors by a fair margin. They are using their primary strength, Big Data, to expand their services all around the globe.

Skills Required to Join Cognizant:

Strong analytical and problem-solving skills apart from technical knowledge in at least one programming language. Company fit is a thing about Cognizant as they look for candidates who’re able to get along when put in any team or project.

Reviews about Cognizant:

Positive Reviews:

  1. Great Work Culture
  2. Free Certification along with Career Growth
  3. Work-Life Balance

Negative Reviews

  1. Late Promotion
  2. Short Term Projects

#2 Virtusa – Transforming the Tech Space

If you’re looking for a space to enrich your tech skills as well as get ample support from coworkers and seniors, Virtusa is the best option. Most of the projects in Virtusa has a good work-life balance and your get ownership of some great projects where you could learn new technologies.

Virtusa is a Massachusetts-based provider of systems implementation, IT consulting, and application outsourcing services to industries such as aerospace and entertainment. As its brand portfolio is strong, Virtusa can storm its way into new product categories. Their success in retaining and hiring quality employees is directly connected to their Learning and Development team. Their reliable distribution network and ability to penetrate newer markets have been their critical success factors. Freshers can go for Virtusa as it has an amazing learning curve along with an opportunity to focus on the latest technologies

Skills Required to Join 

Be prepared to answer the basic questions of the core project you have mentioned in your resume along with a fundamental grasp of concepts in Java and Database. Along with these, you must have good communication skills and interpersonal skills as you have a lot of US projects handled at Virtusa.

Positive Reviews

  1. Work Environment
  2. Work-Life Balance
  3. Employee-Centric Culture

Negative Reviews

  1. Compensation
  2. Longer Bench Period

#3 UST Global – Humanity Through Digital Technology 

If you’re someone looking for location and time flexibility, UST Global is the best company to work in Chennai in 2022. Stability, team building, and transparency are valued at UST Global and developers get quick project allocation too. UST Global is easily one of the best places to work in Chennai.

Taking care of customer experience, marketing requirements, agile transformation needs and other associated services for retail, healthcare, and financial industries have been the base of UST Global. Accrete Hitech Solutions was UST’s most recent acquisition and they are based out of California. While the company is known for their strong foothold in the digital transformation of companies, they are now investing abundantly in R&D and marketing, a clear green signal for their growth trajectory. Their parabolic attempts to conduct more M&A means they are competing in the space from every dimension possible. So, UST Global is for people with a growth mindset and developers who want to constantly keep them equipped with the latest technological advancements.

Skills Required to Join 

Integrity is probably the most valued aspect of UST Global while communication and troubleshooting skills come next in the list of skills required to become a developer there. People skills are valued more at UST Global than technical skills, as they understand the basics of the workforce – Hire for attitude and train for skills.

Positive Reviews

  1. Best Culture
  2. Good Work Environment
  3. Good Medical Benefits

Negative Reviews

  1. Fewer Hikes
  2. Fewer Projects

#4 Capgemini – Where Learners are Leaders

If you’re new to the world of IT and want to explore the nuances of programming, a training program by Capgemini will be a great start for your career. They are passionate about new technologies and are fast-paced. If your communication and collaboration game is strong, Capgemini is the best place to work for you in Chennai.

Driven by ethical values like transparency, trust, and team spirit, Capgemini is a place of unity in diversity. If you’re passionate about technology, want to upskill and reskill accordingly, this is a great place to be. A healthy work-life balance is always a positive attitude and Capgemini hardly compromises on this value. And, there is always room for improvement as Capgemini Group University is an add-on for your upskilling needs. Capgemini believes in day-1 productivity and so you’ll start working from your first day of work. Learning and working happen simultaneously, which is a good thing for freshers who are equally passionate about technology like Capgemini.

Skills Required to Join 

If you’re ready to travel, relocate, and possess people management skills, Capgemini’s doors are wide open for you. Other than business knowledge, clear communication with the top management through PPTs and oration is a highly desirable skill in Capgemini. Your command of technical knowledge should be reflected in your active communication too.

Positive Reviews

  1. Employee-friendly Environment
  2. Work-Life Balance
  3. Good Mentors

Negative Reviews

  1. Domain Allocation Problem
  2. Compensation issue

#5 HCL – Innovation DNA

If you’re looking for decent pay and a low-stress job, HCL Technologies will be the right place for you. Again, if your intentions dwell around focused reskilling, training, and upskilling, you have HCL easing it for you. Their partnerships and innovating their core ecosystem are strengths to be held high by employees joining the organization.

Due to their extensive global delivery network system, there is a strong society functioning all around the globe for HCL Technologies. Their financial performance and innovation growth trajectory are happening consistently. As an R&D powerhouse, HCL is slowly evolving into a next-gen enterprise and their ROE (return of equity) is seeing linear growth, leading to organic growth of the business. They have a firm foothold in industries like automotive, defence, aerospace, banking, retail, automotive, oil, and gas, offering them a plethora of products like Digitization, IoT, Cybersecurity, Engineering Services, and Analytics. Their expected growth rate, engineering & research, and technology adoption play a pivotal role in their strategy. Self-learners and freshers with great ideas for the world’s wellbeing can join HCL Technologies.

Skills Required to Join

Basic knowledge of networking concepts, stellar communication skills, a knack for the latest technologies, and good interpersonal skills are a few of the necessary skillset required for joining HCL Technologies. You have to have a strong understanding of your project and be able to answer questions related to API and operating systems.

Positive Reviews

  1. Great Work Environment
  2. Good HR Policies
  3. Career Growth

Negative Reviews

  1. Low Salary Appraisal
  2. micromanagement

As we have mentioned in our previous listicle, India is growing and it is the age of upskilling where companies are interested in real talents to build a win-win model. Make use of the workshops, educational sessions, LinkedIn searches, and webinars to understand the world of programming. Becoming a developer is not a problem anymore, what problem you solve being a developer is what matters in this decade. pick your problem wisely.

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