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Which is the Best Way to Learn Coding | Hands-On Learning Succeeds Videos

Which is the Best Way to Learn Coding | Hands-On Learning Succeeds Videos
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Hands-On Practising is Active Learning

Yes! Watching Coding Video Tutorials is passive learning that requires less cognitive function. Loops and variables seem easy to read in a textbook, and watch in a video tutorial but how about getting to use them? Only when you code and practice on a regular basis, you will understand the hidden layers and logic in a code. If you’re an L&D professional and reading this, we recommend you to guide your employees and about-to-onboard employees to take the road less travelled by. That will make all the difference in your training outcomes.

The less travelled road is Hands-On Practicing.

Now, this collaborative approach has become the best way to learn to code since the age of upskilling and reskilling have evolved. The future asset of every 21st-century coder is hands-on practice. How much a coder has worked inside a coding environment is more important than the number of hours spent on watching a Java Full Stack Developer or .Net Developer video tutorial. 

Feel the Difference in Practice Exercises with neoCoder:

According to this Forbes Article published half a decade back in 2016, a company’s programming course training program revealed a staggering stat. Nearly 70% of respondents wanted practice exercises to improve their programming skills. Coders are evolving and some of the main features have for coders and L&D Professionals are 

  • Gamification
  • Collaboration
  • IDE 
  • Conceptual Understanding
  • Educator-Friendly Dashboard
  • Real-time Assessments
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Pre-Defined Exercises 
  • Multi-File Compiler
  • Snippet Coding
  • Whitelist and Blacklist Exercise
  • Auto Evaluation / Multiple Test Cases
  • Debugger Tool
  • SonarQube Report
  • Code Smell
  • Automatic Difficulty on Questions

And, customizable themes and instant support of make us a top priority for companies like Virtusa, Hexaware, and Trimble. The world of coding has come to a stage where faults and failures are not a problem, only not practising enough and adapting to new technologies is a big problem. That’s why upskilling and reskilling have entered the hood of numerous technological companies. 

What watching a video tutorial lacks is the act of doing!

Cons of Video-Based Learning

  • Less control over the content for the coder
  • Highlighting or bookmarking an important idea is a major problem
  • Zero importance for hands-on practice and learning
  • Passive learning with little to negligible cognitive function
  • Finding a specific solution for a problem is difficult

Pros of Hands-On Practising

  • Triggering more cognitive functions such as reasoning, critical thinking
  • Real-time collaboration with educators
  • Gets to apply multiple solutions due to an interactive environment
  • Thinking outside of the box; finding different approaches to deal with a problem
  • Wider opportunities for troubleshooting technical problems

The Future of Learning

Only when a programmer is ready to learn consistently and maintain their momentum, they get better at coding. Just like Usain Bolt hitting the tracks day after day to perform when it really matters. Make your candidates and employees put on their practice shoes. Let your L&D professionals collaborate with neoCoder’s interactive platform to train your future coding crew in a multi-dimensional way.

We all collectively agree on one thing, not just for coding – There is a lot more to learning than just listening, memorizing, and completing an irrelevant video tutorial. Just for the sake of learning and stats. Only practising can make someone enrich their knowledge in their respective field. Sports and Coding carry a similar mindset, the only difference – one is done on the track and another off the track. The commoner is practice. Getting to apply a concept and improving coding skills day by day is essential for becoming a great programmer. From an L&D professional’s perspective, coding is evolving along with the approaches for learning. Right now, you can bet on Hands-On Learning to create a pool of coding stalwarts to amp up the productivity of your organization.

Spend 15 mins of your valuable time with us. We help your L&D crew to maximize your training potential with our industry experts on roles and courses that are trending in the IT sector.

Let your coding crew evolve with our interactive and two-way communicable environment instead of binge-watching. Coding is different from Netflix. Let them practice.

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