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Why is a Robust Campus COE Essential for Building a Productive Workforce?

Why is a Robust Campus COE Essential for Building a Productive Workforce?
Reading Time: 4 minutes

As the advent of novel technologies tends to grow exponentially, an employee needs upskilling and reskilling predominantly. Be it becoming an expert in Django, machine learning, applying Data Science, and remarkably improving productivity with the help of Data Analytics, the need to upgrade is on the rise. 

That is where the Centre of Excellence or COE comes into the picture.

Any company with a strong COE program can create a unique value proposition. Both profitable and humane. Just like humanity before the technology model of Even industry leaders like Cognizant, Tech Mahindra, and Robert Bosch are continuously updating their COE programs. 

Address Your Employee’s Skill Gaps with

So, What is COE?

To put it simply, COE is no person or some misspelled word for CEO. It is a beautiful bridge that connects academic institutions with the tech industry. But as you know, it is a lot more than that. The possibilities of this program are boundless. But the good thing is, COE creates a win-win scenario. For both tech companies and educational institutions.

Gone are the days where a particular day, time, and address were given to a candidate. Like the late eighties. The time when youngsters were returning home with disappointments. Day after day. Hoardings like “No Jobs”, and “Position Filled” created agony amongst unemployed youngsters. Today, after 4 decades, the candidate requirements are simple. If they have the right skills or at least the learning attitude, you are hired. Thanks to the internet, Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 

Cons of the Past Employee Training Model

Usually, companies hire people with basic skills and put them in a 1-year training program. In order to supply them the necessary fuel to run the show. But, this model is outdated. It is irrelevant for a company for the following reasons.

  1. Loss of Productivity
  2. Loss of Time and Money 
  3. Unmet Skill Expectations
  4. Overburdening of HR Department
  5. Overburdening of L&D Department

Train Your Future Employees

Train Your Tomorrow Talents, Today…

So, what if could collaborate with you to create an extremely productive e-learning solution personalized for you and your future employees. 

Together, we can create a tech learning space for students (future employees) and tech companies. As they grow, you grow. We shall provide the latest or trending tech resources to college students prior to entering into the billable technological space or their job. These students will grow along with the company. Pre-equipping your future employees with your culture, values, and other dimensions of the company can make them a DAY-1 BILLABLE resource

“Human investment is now the best investment we can make,” says Tram Anh Nguyen, co-founder of the education platform, Technology, Centre for Finance, and Entrepreneurship. 

Benefits of a COE Program

  1. Day-1 Deployable: Being able to do this is the mission of all tech industry leaders. To pre-train college students before their graduation, combine their academia with trending courses like Java Full Stack Development, Cloud Program, Data Engineering Program, and Front End Program. 

What can we do? We can help you set up a proper hybrid Centre of Excellence Program (COE ) as we have expert SMEs, a well-structured online IDE, and various skill assessments.

2. Save Cost and Time: Save the time your Learning and Development team spends on unstructured and complicated CEOs. Get proper guidance on how to set up an effective COE program with a renowned academic institution.

What can we do? Our experienced crew will help you reduce your company’s upskilling and reskilling expenses. Our hands-on learning practices will help your team practice for perfection.

  1. Collaboration with Universities: The best thing any tech company can do is to maintain a harmonious rapport with qualified educational institutions with the best tech talents.

What can we do? We help you build a pool of talents working with your L & D team and provide you the tools to interact with your future employees in a secure space.

  1. Visibility: The more educational institutions your company has established its firm foothold, the more visibility it creates. 

What can we do? Be it making students participate in events like Hackathon under your company’s banner or creating a collaborative environment for college students to come up with a prototype, we can organize the whole event without any hassle. 

  1. Employer Branding: The more pupils interested in working in your firm, the sturdier and credible your company atmosphere is in the technological market space. 

What can we do? To keep your tech arsenal on par with the Gen X Workforce, we help you meet the demands of the newer generation. We close not just the skills gap in your employees but also train them with the best personal instructors to cater to the customized requirements of your organization. 

The Future of Work Depends More on Learning and Training and less on Interviews

The Future of Hiring, Upskilling, and Reskilling

Be it succeeding in the hiring hunt challenge, leveraging your existing employees to meet the current technological standard of the industry, and introducing your employees to new tech skills, you need to future-proof your workforce. According to a 2020 McKinsey & Company survey, high-tech industries will face more skills gap problems along with financial services and telecom, more than any other industry. In 2019, e-commerce linchpin Amazon had spent nearly $700 million to reskill their employees, landing them on different and advanced tech roles. 

Crucial Info: 

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, “By 2030, more than 375 million workers or 14 percent of the world’s workforce may need to switch occupational categories. 

You can substantially improve your employee retention rate, reduce the cost of filling new roles, and attract new talents with a growth mindset. So, think 5 years down the lane starting now. Your COE program would have penetrated all possible training strategies in the market and you’d be an agile market leader. 

Spend 15 mins of your valuable time with us. You’ll know we know the game.

Set up a robust and cost-efficient COE for your company with our complete expert guidance and improve the tech skills of your employees, improving your organization’s productivity. 

Book A Demo and our experts will anchor your Learning and Development ship to the shores of productivity. Sail!

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