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How to Become a Full Stack Developer in 2022?

How to Become a Full Stack Developer in 2022?
Reading Time: 4 minutes

As we have mentioned in the previous article, there are umpteen number of reasons to become a Full Stack Developer in 2022. Especially, in the age of upskilling, being a qualified Full Stack Developer is a great thing.

You have plenty of course materials, knowledge base, video tutorials, and even YouTube videos to learn from. But what all these study materials lack are structured flow, hands-on training, 24/7 educator support, and career guidance.

That’s where neocoder comes into picture.

Why neocoder?

As a developer upskilling platform, neocoder is revolutionizing the lives of the students in tier 2, tier 3 cities, and villages of India. From Tamil Nadu in South to the veiled hamlets of Uttar Pradesh and North East, neocoder has its presence everywhere. Students come together for our programs like Java Full Stack Fellowship Bootcamps and improve their overall standard of living and career.

Become a Full Stack Developer in Just 3 Months

Timeframe of a Full Stack Developer

You need to determine your own timeline for becoming a Full Stack Developer.

You have three ways basically.

  • You can start preparing with the help of an online course if you’re a working professional with 5+ years of experience looking to upskill your talents for a better pay and working conditions.
  • You can start an intensive full-time course if you’re a fresher or have less than 2 years of work experience.
  • You can self learn through platforms like YouTube and other skill-based courses, and video lecture platforms.

For freshers, choosing a program like neocoder’s Full Stack Training is the best option as you’ll have more time to learn Full Stack at your own pace.

So, take your time and decide your own learning schedule to become a qualified Full Stack Developer within a short span of time.

Skills Needed to Become a Full Stack Developer

Strengthening the fundamentals like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and then starting off with a minimalistic website is the best idea. Thereafter, improving your coding skills require consistent practice. neocoder’s core idea is to empower students through hand-on training. Additionally, knowing about servers and their functionality, algorithms and data structures, programming techniques, web hosting environments, database and management. To put it simply, knowing how a website operates with respect to grouping of the above items is important.

Java Full Stack Training by neocoder

Begin your Java Full Stack journey with and become a Java Full Stack Developer with ample support from personal mentors, careers experts, experienced educators, and a well-planned bootcamp. We suggest you to use video tutorials to check with the concepts you know and are doubtful about. But to become a professional coder satisfying the ever-changing demands of the IT industry, you must be a neocoder – The one who practices and rely on hands-on training for killer real-time projects.

Student Testimonials

One of the neocoders whom we have trained gives his review. He was struggling with soft skills and within weeks of focused training we were able to get him ready and going.

Being a fresher with not much clarity in my mind, I joined neoCoder’s fellowship program. There was a need to enhance my technical skills with respect to Java full stack. I also lagged the soft skills needed to clear the interview. This program was very useful and I was able to navigate my path in the IT world with absolute ease. I completed the interview with Virtusa Corporation and got placed. Thank you team neoCoder

Macharla Karthik, Developer at Virtusa

Another candidate who was struggling to crack her interviews explains how neocoder gave her the confidence to clear interviews.

I attended several interviews with IT companies and it did not go as I expected. Later I joined neoCoder’s fellowship program and it was amazing. The training methodology was project-based and they explained all the concepts with real time examples and scenarios. Eventually, I gained the confidence to crack the interview and got placed with Virtusa.

Swapna Kamasani, Developer at Virtusa

Demand for Java Full Stack Developers in 2022

Full Stack Developers hold the power to determine the technical flow of a company. They head a website from all directions, becoming a multi-dimensional force. They are one of the recent additions to technological arsenal of 2022. Growing startups are on a mega rummage for recruiting qualified Java Full Stack Developers.

Choose neocoder’s learning pathway which is time-effective and cost-effective. Know about our Java Full Stack Training program

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